St Mawes Flood damage and garden restoration

The Brief

Restore flood damaged property ready for the holiday Season.

The Project

We were called in to repair the damaged caused by a minor leak from the bathroom. However under investigation we found that the damage was substantially more than we had ever anticipated. We ended up ripping out the whole of the downstairs of the property including all skirting boards and several doors. Some of the doors frames had to be rebuilt due to water damage. 

We placed the de-humidifier in the property for two weeks, checking every other day.  We emptied it five times over this period and took out over 80 gallons of water.

Once the house was dry we replaced the old laminate flooring with high quality engineered oak flooring with high quality underlay.  Replaced all skirting boards and replaced the whole bathroom where the leak originated.  We then redecorated the whole property inside and out. 

The owners were very pleased with the work inside and asked us to do the work outside as well.  We stripped back all the ivy from the walls, replaced the staircase to upper patio area and replaced the old worn out shed and fence.  We then washed and painted all the walls surrounding the property to the rear. 

To the front of the property we repaired the shutters as they have been battered over the years by the sea. We also painted the top window whilst repairing bedroom window and shutters.