Patio – Threemilestone

The Brief

To transform an impractical and boggy garden into a patio area with retaining walls and flower borders.

The Project

A particularly challenging project, mainly due to the amazingly bad weather we experienced. This garden was laid to grass and and when it rained it became a bog. A landscape design was agreed and the work started by removing about 12 tonnes of grass and topsoil and bringing in about 60 tonnes of blocks and hardcore.

We tried using a mini digger, however this got stuck in the clay soil, so we ended up doing the whole thing by hand, shovel and wheelbarrow... all down a lane just 2ft wide.

The transformation is amazing. Now they have a storage area for the bottled gas, a new 8x10 shed and extra area to the top of the garden with a large patio area. French drains all around the garden, which also lead to a soakaway that penetrates below the clay soil layer.