Cobb Renovation - Feock

The Brief

To repair the external wall of a traditionally built cottage in Feock.

The Project

Initally, we thought this would be a fairly straight forward project, however, when we removed all the cement based products on the external wall and exposed the cobb, we discovered that this had been damaged by prolonged exposure to the elements and the use of cement instead of lime.

We removed brick and delaminated material and replaced with good granite (stone) and then Harling (hurling) the lime/sand mix – this leaves the wall looking like the ruby road to Dublin (CLS 28 sand – 3.5 nhl lime and water) 5-2.5 mix ration. This takes up all the gaps and helps strengthen the wall. Another render coat with CLS 28 and then a final coat of CLS35 and the job looks great. With the finishing touches added at the end you end up with a job that will last longer than cement based products and allows the wall to breathe.

Lime products provided by Cornish Lime Company.

Tower Scaffold provided by Brandon Tool Hire.

We worked with Duncan from Oak Ridge on this project.

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