The Brief

Bay Tree house in Padstow.  Need some TLC

The Project

This project has been great fun, as the whole area around the house needed to be repaired.  Only minor things such as cracks and blown lime work.  The two sides and rear of the property needed crack repairs. but the front of the property needed to be stripped back to bare stone and completly restored.   This was due to painted on oil based products which had trapped all the moister behind and blown all the lime work.   So we stripped it back and replaced it with products from Cornish Lime company.  We think you will agree it looks stunning again and looks the same. 

In the garden area we had to remove the old green house which had become very dangerous, and then remove the old retaining wall.  All of which were now unfit for purpose. Only thing holding up wall was wieght of the greenhouse. After removal we found we needed to repair the Cornish Wall deviding Bay Tree from there neighour.   A huge ivy bush had distroyed the slate. We needed about three and half ton of state and about a ton and half of soil to repair.

Next we built a natural black lime stone patio that streches across from the deviding wall to the foot path along the side of the property.  We also re-designed the footpath and layed back down with gio-textile and granite chippings. We also added lighting along the footbath from parking area up to the main house.

On top of the patio we have built in the place of, and on the exact footprint of the old greenhouse a beautiful solid oak summer house (breeze house).  With slate roof and glass front gable end. Stunning.

We will be adding to this we hope when we do the inside of the property.   

Materials provided by: Buiding supplies limited

Oak for summer house provided by: Topp knotch Joinery

Roofing supplied and fitted by:  M.A.R roofing

French doors provided by:  John Roberts Joinery