About Us

Mark and Darren have been involved within the building trade their whole lives. The interest in building projects came from being children and helping their parents do up various homes (of which there were many – about 30 homes in total!). This is where the building bug came from. They both have a passion for building and a fundamental need to fix that which is broken or in need of restoration. Their background has nurtured a need to restore rather than discard or renew. They have the vision to envisage the end of the project before they even pick up a tool and together they have the skills and knowledge to take on the most complex of builds.

Mark is the artist. He works with the client allowing them to express their thoughts as well as providing suggestions as to what would look better and what will suit the property, as well as suggesting other possible alternatives they may not have thought of.

Darren enjoys the logistics and paperwork side of the build as well as being hands on. He incorporates the practical side of the job with the organisation of the team and getting materials on site. He gets the best deal for the customer through experience of the building trade and the products on offer.

Mark and Darren complement each other in their work and have a great relationship offering a friendly and cheerful approach to everything they do.