Legacy Restoration Ltd have a great reputation for carrying out all kinds of building projects.   

We regard such projects as a partnership between ourselves and our clients. Our involvement in large builds can vary. We can be engaged to complete speciality work such as lime pointing and rendering or lath and plaster ceilings/walls as a sub-contractor to the principle contractor.   Or we can be engaged as the principle contractor and take the job from start to finish.

Legacy Restoration ltd are a proven professional building company, having successfully restored historical, Grade I & Grade II listed buildings here in Cornwall since 2000. 

We have spent many years building up a hard-earned reputation for excellence, restoring buildings of historical interest. We have exceptional people working for us and with us, all with their own specialised skills in the conservation of our heritage. In conjunction with our office staff who have a deep understanding of the relevant listed building regulations and building control regulations, you are always in great hands.

When choosing and working with the appropriate materials and implementing client choices, our extensive knowledge helps you make the right decisions. Legacy Restoration Ltd have the expertise to deal with delicate matters such as conservation versus restoration.

All we want is to preserve our history, instead of knocking down and building new. Character takes time not weeks.

So who you gonna call………………A good builder (us)